A Cold Winter Day with Your Faux Fur Hobo Purse

Raccoon Faux Fur Hobo PurseCombine the practicality of a hobo purse with the beauty of faux fur and you’ll find that you will want to bring it with you everywhere you go.

Imagine a cold winter’s day, with snow covering the ground. A fresh dusting of snow is absolutely beautiful and while you might be thinking it’s time to snuggle up in front of the fire, your kids have a different idea in mind.

Your kids insist on going out and playing in the snow, so you bundle them up, throw on a scarf and head out the door with them.

Time goes by so quickly when you are having fun with them but baby… it’s cold outside and you need something warm.

Hobo Purses Hold Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Once you’re all done playing, simply pull out that thermos you’ve stored in your large-sized purse and serve hot chocolate all-round. Those big hobo purses hold everything but the kitchen sink, right? There is always plenty of time later to warm up in front of the fire so enjoy making snow angels and snowmen with your kids while you can right now.

You are a busy woman and you need an all-purpose bag to take with you everywhere you go. Throw it over your shoulder and you are ready for just about anything. The possibilities are endless with a hobo purse, and you’ll look great thanks to the faux fur!

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“The beauty and elegance of our faux fur hobo purses are unmatched and you’ll find that you always have  whatever you need with you as a Woman Going Places™. We want you to look and feel luxurious as you carry your made in the USA faux fur hobo purses with you wherever  you are going.”

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