Fall Fashion Trends

Faux Fur Grab a Bag - Fall Fashion Trends 2013What color clothing will be in vogue this fall?

What are the designs that will be seen in stores?

Grab A Bag Designer Handbag’s Creative Team, Kathy Petersen and Marcia O’Neill have been checking out the latest in fall fashions for 2013.  Here’s a quick peek at what you will find in the stores beginning in the next few weeks.

Design Trends

This fall, there are four major fashion trends to follow.

Dandy Land

The Dandy Land look will showcase plaids, tweeds, and cable knits from the Irish look of the 1940’s.  Women will be seen wearing men’s wide leg trousers, vests, quilted coats and even men’s styled shoes.

Nomads Land

If you enjoy wearing comfortable clothing then the Nomads Land fall fashion trend is the one you will love. Rustic and flowing designs with natural colors of golds, rusts, browns being used with faux fur, leather, feathers, velvet and suede adding to beautiful details.

Star Wars Theme

The Star Wars Theme has gone toward 50 Shades of Grey fashion designs using silver and bronze galore with nail heads, spikes and Dragon Tattoos.

Decadent Dolls from the Russian Czar

The romantic side of this year’s fall fashion trends is the Decadent Dolls from the Russian Czar era. If you loved the movie Anna Karenina then you will love the beaded jewels and fine details using elegant brocade, crystal, fur (hopefully faux fur) on hats, handbags, coats and capes.

Materials and Colors

Sheath dresses designed to hug the body and fall around the knees as well as layered looks will also be in style this fall. Stretch satin, lace and fabrics that have a metallic sheen are just some of the materials that will be used for these dresses. They will include a variety of fun colors and range from sleeveless to long-sleeves.


Fall Fashion Trends - 2013 Houndstooth is a popluar look.

Faux Fur Hobo Bags

Of course, this interests Marcia & Kathy since their fall line of bags from Grab A Bag™ Designer Handbags are designed to complement the latest in the fashion world. This fall, their many styled faux fur hobo bags are the perfect look for the latest fall fashions in a style to fit everyone’s look.

Among other fall fashion trends to look for this season are cropped shirts and wide-leg trousers or tapered pants. Materials such as leather as well as double-faced fabrics are going to be in style for fall.

Feminine materials such as lace will be combined with heavier materials and attention to detail will dominate the fashion scene. In addition to the materials that will be part of fall fashion trends this year, colors are another consideration. Prints and solid colors will be combined to create the new look for fall. The emphasis will be on reviving the basics from the classics of the 1940s to the “grunge look” from the 1990s. Add to the clothing choices with a variety of designer handbags, jewelry, shoes and the look will be right in line with the latest in fall design.

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“Keep these popular fall fashion trends in mind as you refresh your wardrobe for the changing season. A beautiful faux fur handbag is the perfect choice to complement any outfit.  Grab a bag as you head out the door to enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall foliage.”

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