Faux Fur Fabric Shows Off Luxury and Appeal

faux fur fabric trends for womens accessoriesThroughout the history of fashion, there have been many top-rated women’s fashion trends involving faux fur fabric. There have been demands for the silky, beautiful Danish-based mink coats and handbags and fashion accessories crafted from the sporty and knitted fur from the Rex rabbit to the ear muffs created from the chinchilla.

Faux Fur Enjoys Immense Popularity

Faux fur fabric was introduced to the fashion industry in the year of 1929; however, it has only been available, commercially, since the 1950s. In recent years, it has grown immensely in popularity due to the promotions of those that engage in the rights and welfare of animals.

These individuals know and understand the popularity of traditional fur derived from animals, and appreciate the beauty that is displayed in the fur; however, they have encouraged manufacturers in the fashion industry to create and release fabrics, clothing, and fashion accessories that are animal-friendly.

Faux Fur Fabric Duplicates Fur Without Involving Animals

With a bit of research, a little time, and innovation manufacturers were able to successfully duplicate the most popular furs, without involving animals. Today, Faux fur fabric makes it possible to duplicate just about every fur available and every accessory and clothing piece that has won over the hearts of those in the fashion industry, and those that wear those fashions. The best part is, all of this is made possible for the fraction of the cost.

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“Whether you are searching for a luxurious winter coat or a beautiful and distinguished high-end, prestigious handbag, faux fur fabric is the way to go!  You’ll find that you always look stylish no matter where you are as a Woman Going Places™. We want you to look and feel comfortable yet elegant as you carry your made in the USA faux fur shoulder bag with you.”

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