Grab A Bag™ Wholesale Application

Our Grab A Bag™ website is strictly a wholesale website that shows to consumers are MSRP (Manufacturers Suggest Retail Price).  In order to receive our Wholesale Catalog and to open a Business Account with us please fill out the form below and make sure that you spell correctly. If at anytime you need a new Wholesale Catalog just click on the Catalog on the tool bar.  When we do see that you are a registered Retailer we will email you our most recent catalog.

Our GAB Wholesale Newsletter comes out on a bi-monthly basis providing news, new collections, trade shows we will be attending and wholesale special offers.  We only accept brick and mortar retail stores.

If you have any problem or question regarding opening your wholesale account, feel free to send an email to us at After Account Approval we will send you our Grab A Bag™ Terms & Conditions Policy for your review.

Thank you, we look forward to growing a business relationship with you which will be rewarding to your customers and you!