Look Stylish On the Go With Your Hobo Purse

GAB Faux Fur Hobo BagIt’s time to get to work, so you quickly finish your hot cup of coffee, grab your hobo purse, throw it over your shoulder and head out the door. You’ve got a busy day planned and your handbag is just the right size to take everything you need with you.

You want to wear your nice high heels around the office but you also need your comfy walking shoes with you just in case – and you will still look professional at work. Your big purse will hold the extra pair of shoes.

A hobo purse will also hold a change of clothes so you can take a Yoga break in mid-afternoon if you want. You are prepared for anything and everything. You are a woman going places and want to look stylish on the go.

Accessorize with a matching scarf that will keep you toasty warm on a cold winter day. Faux fur is both beautiful and practical enough to use every day.

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“Your faux fur GAB handbag will stand out uniquely from the crowd. GAB hobo purses have soft satin linings and will hold everything you need for everywhere you go as a Woman Going Places™. We take pride in the luxury and quality of our made in the USA faux fur hobo purses and we know you will love them.”

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