The Grab A Bag™ Story

Grab A Bag President and Founder Marcia O'Neill

Marcia O’Neill, President

Marcia O’Neill began Grab A Bag™ designer handbags in 2008.  While shopping in Saks Fifth Avenue, she saw a collection of beach bags and knew in her heart that she could design and create a better quality one.

So…she went home to make a few beach bags. She soon realized that she needed her good friend Karen Marcotte (a professional seamstress) to sew the beach bags. They began designing and sewing bags galore. Friends began asking them, “Where did you get that fantastic and unique hobo beach bag and purse?” Well, that’s how it all started.

Marcia and Karen design, sew and market all their own products and continually add new collections to their handbag line. Marcia invited her sister, Kathy Petersen, to join her company in 2012 to help her with sales, marketing and manufacturing.

Karen Marcotte, Head Seamstress

Karen Marcotte, Head Seamstress

Kathy Petersen, Sales and Marketing

Kathy Petersen, Sales and Marketing

You see, Marcia began selling her GAB hobo beach bags at the Marco Island Florida Fresh Market each week. But now Kathy is traveling across the country from Detroit to Chicago to Denver to Seattle to large retail trade shows. The results are exciting with high end Boutique Retailers purchasing them fast and furiously, excited to see that the majority of GAB’s Collections are Made in the USA.

GAB’s slogan is Grab A Bag™ for the woman going places because as mothers and active women they were always going someplace, and now all three friends are taking GAB to bigger and bigger places.

“We put our hearts in the creation of every handbag from the very beginning; so we hide a small silver heart in each purse to let the new owner know that’s how it was made…and how it will always be made.” Marcia & Karen & Kathy.

We hope you enjoy our GAB website. Come back often…for we have exciting plans and many new designs coming your way!

We would love to know, by the way, what places you are going during your busy day! Just Contact Us to let us know!