Tips to Look Fabulous in Your Faux Fur Coat

Faux Fur CoatHow can you wear that faux fur coat and still look as fabulous as you would in real fur?

Faux fur is a perfect combination of an elegant fashion trend and an affordable, animal-friendly one.

You’ll find that the fur looks pretty real – though the feel of the fur isn’t quite the same – and yet it will be far less costly than real fur. To top it off, you won’t have any animal rights activists throwing eggs at you or dousing you in paint!

How to Wear Your Faux Fur Coat

Go Mohair

Mohair is made from goats, but it looks almost as elegant as real fur. You’ll find that it makes for a great faux fur coat, and you can look very snazzy in the soft, white fabric in winter time.

Try Vintage

Fashion trends have changed throughout the years, but there are some coats that still look good decades later. Vintage faux fur coats are elegant, and yet there’s something about them that reminds you of a much simpler time. Grey makes for a great vintage color, and stay away from anything too colorful if you want to try the throwback styles.

Use a High Collar

High-collared jackets are perfect for the dead of winter, as they keep your neck and ears warm while still being the perfect faux fur coat to wear over any party dress. The darker colors will blend nicely with your evening wear.

Add a Hood

With the amazing cold that has been blanketing most of the Northeast for the last few weeks, you’ll find that a nice hood will definitely be the perfect addition to your faux fur coat. You’ll be toasty warm, with the snow bunny look that every woman loves. Go for a light colored fur coat, and no one will notice that it’s faux fur.

Wear a Cape

Want all the warmth of fur but without worrying that people will notice it’s faux? Try wearing a faux fur-trimmed cape, throwing it over your shoulders like a warm shawl. It will look absolutely wonderful, and it will be so nice and warm!

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“Wear your faux fur coat or jacket proudly! As and an environmentally friendly trend setter you will look wonderful in your faux fur… no matter what style you choose to wear! Grab a GAB faux fur handbag and you’ll find that you always look stylish no matter where you are as a Woman Going Places™. ”