Women’s Faux Fur Winter Scarves – Beautiful and Warm

Womens Faux Fur Winter ScarvesIf you’re looking for winter scarves, you’ll find that faux fur is about as good as it gets. It’s as warm as real fur, but you won’t have any PETA nuts throwing paint at you for wearing it. There are few things that are as nice and soft as the faux fur winter scarves around your neck, and you’ll be toasty warm all winter long.

The beauty of faux fur is that in addition to GAB, many other companies are also now using it. You’ll find that clothing manufacturers like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, The Gap, and Billabong are just a few of the ones that are adding synthetic fur to their collections, so you can buy name brand winter scarves that look just as good as the real deal – but which will be far less expensive!

Affordable Winter Scarves

The beauty of synthetic or faux fur is that it’s much more affordable than regular fur. You can look great in your synthetic furs, but without having to spend a small fortune on your winter scarves. The price tag of synthetic fur scarves will be a fraction of what you’d spend on real fur, and it will be just as soft as the real fur scarves.

Is it Faux Fur?

With real fur, you’ll find that the individual strands fall all in the same direction – something uncommon with synthetic fur. Faux fur is a bit softer than real fur which is more coarse, and you’ll probably feel like you’re stroking a very smooth and soft stuffed animal especially when you are wearing one of GAB’s luxurious faux fur scarves and handbags.

When you look at faux fur winter scarves compared to real fur scarves, you’ll notice a difference in color . Faux fur is often dyed or is colored polyester fabric, while real fur is always left its original color. If you see bright pink or blue fur scarves, you can be pretty sure that it’s synthetic fur unless the price is quite high.  Faux fur is much less expensive than the real deal and this makes it an excellent choice.

Marcia & Kathy’s Advice for the Woman Going Places™

“You’ll find that faux fur is just as warm as real fur without hurting a real animal, and it will be a lot more comfortable for you to wear on those cold winter days! Our faux fur scarves are made with close attention to detail and quality. We want you to look and feel luxurious in these made in the USA scarves as a Woman Going Places™.”

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